was broken.
So, we fixed it.

Introducing SalesVista, an all-in-one incentive & commission management platform that offers rules-based automation, advanced modeling & calculations, and so much visibility that it might just change the world.


Introducing SalesVista Horizon! Empower your team to make informed, data-driven decisions with a holistic view of your sales landscape.

Say goodbye to the old way of doing things

Change without visibility leads to chaos, and traditional sales compensation management just can’t cut it in today’s ever-evolving landscape. When we surveyed the nation’s top CFOs, we found that:


Manual Reports

say they very often and/or always use manual reports/


Lack of Automation

rank lack of automation as a top pain point


Complicated Process

of the finance workforce is frustrated by their existing sales compensation process


Lack of Visibility

of respondents said they don’t have an SCMS


Forecasting Challenges

say that it’s difficult to get accurate forecasts

Welcome to the
future of sales compensation

Sales compensation management is about more than pay. It’s about ensuring employees are fairly compensated, inspiring your team to achieve greatness, and reducing workplace stress — not adding to it. We built SalesVista to help organizations:


Save time
& money

by eliminating manual processes & centralizing data sources


Bridge the gap between finance & sales

to ensure everyone is on the same page


Help reduce

by ensuring everyone is held to the same, transparent standard


Make better
strategic decisions

with comprehensive data & advanced forecasting


Improve engagement & reduce turnover

with standardized and scalable models

Benefits of partnering
with SalesVista

Multiple data points, a single source of truth.

Our robust sales compensation solution integrates multiple data streams into one true data source for reliable insights. With accurate commission payouts and user-friendly quota-attainment tools, your reps can stay focused and motivated on the right activities that drive productivity and their commission earnings.

Solutions as diverse as your workforce.

Implement better quality control measures to protect, standardize, and improve business processes across your organization. By creating a culture of transparency, you can accelerate your organization's DEI efforts, help mitigate risk & eliminate unconscious bias, and ensure that every employee remains motivated.

In-depth reporting meets state-of-the-art modeling.

SalesVista has the largest incentive and commission reporting repository available — and we handle the most time-consuming and complex elements of it for you. Just select the report you want to run, and we do the rest! And with our powerful proof-of-concept modeling tool, you can assess the financial impact before implementing new changes.

Engage, retain, and attract top talent.

SalesVista extends value beyond the compensation solution by helping and enhancing your employees' daily work with quality data. Streamlined processes, easy-to-understand metrics, and full visibility ensure that you can attract, engage, and retain top talent for years to come.

A sales
platform your
entire company
can support

  • Sales Management & Sales Operations
  • Sales & Revenue Teams
  • Compensation Accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Controller
  • C-Suite

Sales Management & Sales Operations

Sales Management Sales Operations-1

Sales Management & Sales Operations

  • Provide reliable performance analytics to effectively motivate sales reps, and improve alignment with other stakeholders across the organization.
  • Use proof of concept modeling tools to estimate and measure the effect of changes to a compensation plan before executing any new changes.
  • Effortlessly publish and distribute the results of compensation adjustments with assurance that the right compensation plan is going to the right sales rep, with the right commission payout.

Sales & Revenue Teams

sales and revenue teams-1

Sales & Revenue Teams

  • Provide sales reps with full visibility of goals and adjustments with clear and easy-to-understand attainment reporting.
  • Keep your salespeople informed throughout the attainment periods and allow them to easily view and sign for new compensation plans and adjustments— without any guesswork.
  • Salespeople can stay on top of performance and commission statuses — anytime and anywhere with powerful tracking via mobile app access.

Compensation Accountant

Compensation Accountant-1

Compensation Accountant

  • Eliminate the high expense of over and under-commission payments when using accurate payout reporting to HR.
  • Gain confidence in generating accurate commission payouts and reporting — even with constant changes affecting the compensation plans.

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer-1

Chief Financial Officer

  • Remove the guesswork with automated and reliable data that provides actionable insights—improving budget and forecast planning. AUTOMATED ACCELERATION planning.
  • Improve the financial oversight of changing compensation plans with improved business alignment between sales, C-Suite, and shifting business scenarios –using rules-based checkpoints to improve control.




  • Rely on SalesVista's cloud-technology without the need for IT resources. With multiple integration options, businesses can efficiently scale without compromising on security, quality, and value.
  • Use proof of concept modeling tools to estimate and measure the effect of changes to a compensation plan before executing any new changes.




  • Gain consistent visibility and measurement of performance and productivity across the company to proactively make decisions affecting profitability and alignment to the company goals.
  • Built-in checkpoints improve workflows and processes across operations help ensure policies are maintained. Purchase activities are easily tracked with sales productivity to effectively manage support of products and services.
  • Improve employee satisfaction and trust with accurate bonus structures and commission payouts to help retain talent.

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“Every time we onboarded another employee, I had to start over. This app has eliminated all of this and we are now adding commissions 1 pay day ahead of schedule.”
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