Accuracy. Efficiency. Control.

A better way to motivate
your sales teams to achieve maximum results.

Reimagine sales compensation management with advanced automation from planning to month-end closing. You can plan, model, forecast, track, validate, measure, and motivate sales performance—all available on a single platform!

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A great solution that benefits everyone.

All-in-one compensation solution with fast and easy integration & no-coding.

  • SalesVista offers multiple integration options with leading CRMs to enhance sales compensation performance with automated efficiencies

  • SalesVista leverages data marts to provide infinite value analytics deployed with unmatched flexibility for everyone

  • SalesVista improves the speed of planning and month-end closing with accurate data, and information accounting can act on


Modernize compensation planning with cost-efficient processes.



Eliminate financial impacts of changing comp plans and improve business alignment between sales, leadership, and shifting business scenarios.



Speed month-end closing and stay in sync with audit standards and adherence to ASC 606 for revenue and commission capitalization.


Sales Teams

Easily keep your salespeople informed with easy-to-understand commission charts and performance tracking throughout the attainment process.

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Sales Operations

Efficiently and consistently distribute information about territory changes and compensation adjustments to the sales team, including all approvals and change validations.


Bring accuracy, efficiency, and control to
sales compensation management.


  • Easy Set-Up

  • Better Comp Plans

  • Instant Calculations

  • Fully Transparent

  • Streamlined Inquiries

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Fast and Easy Implementation

Set up your sales teams, add plans, add new products, make quota adjustments,
reassign reps, and more – no coding required.

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Improve Reporting and Tracking

Build better comp plans based on a proven system. Easily establish role levels, determine OTE (On Target Earnings), Keep sales teams motivated and in sync with any comp changes.

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Accurate Calculations Instantly

With SalesVista's collaborative workspace, input your sales data and let the system generate fast, error-free calculations.

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Keep Everyone Informed

Create compensation reports for reps to track sales performance and enable compensation administrators to analyze and payout earned commission accurately.

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Better Collaboration and Fast Resolution

Provide visibility into compensation inquiries via the communication dashboard for better collaboration and faster resolution.

Reliable reporting for finance and accounting.  

  • Speed month-end closing with efficiencies that eliminate errors, time, and cost
  • Maintain ASC-606 adherence and stay in sync with audit standards
  • Improve budget, forecasting, and alignment with sales and company goals
  • Reduce the high expense of inaccurate commission payouts
  • Complete oversight of comp changes and validations with rules-based processes
  • Speed resolution with automated communication tools for compensation and commission inquiries
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Boost sales teams' motivation and performance.

  • Enhance sales team motivation/recognition with accurate commission payouts
  • Provide transparency and instant access of performance tracking against quota
  • Quickly view performance outcomes with high-end visualization and dashboards
  • Effectively manage product add-on, category updates, and territory adjustments and promptly distribute the changes - keeping everyone in sync
  • Faster resolution with automated communication tools for compensation inquires



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Check out the benefits of automating your sales compensation plans.

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