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You’ll be amazed how easy it is to streamline your compensation workflows and commission payouts with consistent accuracy – ultimately improving sales motivation and performance.

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  • Sales Management & Sales Operations
  • Sales & Revenue Teams
  • Compensation Accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Controller
  • C-Suite

Sales Management & Sales Operations

Sales Management Sales Operations-1

Sales Management & Sales Operations

  • Provide reliable performance analytics to effectively motivate sales reps, and improve alignment with other stakeholders across the organization.
  • Use proof of concept modeling tools to estimate and measure the effect of changes to a compensation plan before executing any new changes.
  • Effortlessly publish and distribute the results of compensation adjustments with assurance that the right compensation plan is going to the right sales rep, with the right commission payout.

Sales & Revenue Teams

sales and revenue teams-1

Sales & Revenue Teams

  • Provide sales reps with full visibility of goals and adjustments with clear and easy-to-understand attainment reporting.
  • Keep your salespeople informed throughout the attainment periods and allow them to easily view and sign for new compensation plans and adjustments— without any guesswork.
  • Salespeople can stay on top of performance and commission statuses — anytime and anywhere with powerful tracking via mobile app access.

Compensation Accountant

Compensation Accountant-1

Compensation Accountant

  • Eliminate the high expense of over and under-commission payments when using accurate payout reporting to HR.
  • Gain confidence in generating accurate commission payouts and reporting — even with constant changes affecting the compensation plans.

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer-1

Chief Financial Officer

  • Remove the guesswork with automated and reliable data that provides actionable insights—improving budget and forecast planning. AUTOMATED ACCELERATION planning.
  • Improve the financial oversight of changing compensation plans with improved business alignment between sales, C-Suite, and shifting business scenarios –using rules-based checkpoints to improve control.




  • Rely on SalesVista's cloud-technology without the need for IT resources. With multiple integration options, businesses can efficiently scale without compromising on security, quality, and value.
  • Use proof of concept modeling tools to estimate and measure the effect of changes to a compensation plan before executing any new changes.




  • Gain consistent visibility and measurement of performance and productivity across the company to proactively make decisions affecting profitability and alignment to the company goals.
  • Built-in checkpoints improve workflows and processes across operations help ensure policies are maintained. Purchase activities are easily tracked with sales productivity to effectively manage support of products and services.
  • Improve employee satisfaction and trust with accurate bonus structures and commission payouts to help retain talent.

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The ease of use with this software is great. Being able to calculate 50-60 statements within a few moments vs a few hours is an incredible tool.
Maura M.


Our sales organization had grown exponentially and our process was no longer able to keep up. SalesVista provided a modern commission tool that allowed us to streamline our process from end to end. Finance, Operations, and Sales are all very happy.
Nathan K., Sr.

Director of Strategy and Business Development

The intuitive user interface and seamless integration with other sales tools made it easy to adopt and navigate. The overall functionality and usability of SalesVista contributed to an efficient sales process.
Marek T.


We have multiple sales compensation structures. SalesVista was able to accommodate all of them and give us and our sales reps real-time visibility into commissions.
Allen B.


SalesVista has everyone working off the same data - no more need for reps to maintain a separate account of their pending sales, it is visible to all. The app is easy to navigate and interact with - a great feature is the inquiry where reps can raise questions before an item is paid.
Stacey K.

VP of Finance

The automation of administering Sales Commissions, visibility to the Sales Managers and reps, and the system of record. I really like working with the development team. They've been problem solvers and made my first career software implementation easier than I would have anticipated.
Evan S.

Director of FP&A

SalesVista has helped minimize errors and save time during the calculation process. It is also very helpful to keep all discussion of commission adjustments within one place. It gives the reps transparency from their end as to how things are calculated and what they will be paid.
Star R.

Director of Accounting

I didn't expect to find a product like this in a price range that meets our budget. Up until this point, I was doing this manually by setting up triggers in Salesforce, then cross-checking that with a spreadsheet. This app has eliminated all of this and we are now adding commissions 1 pay day ahead of schedule.
Randall M.