About SalesVista

Behind the Scenes of the Sales Commission Revolution

By the people, for the people. Predicated on genuine fairness, rewarding contributions, and a core belief in improving conditions for all employees.

The SalesVista Story

The World Deserves Change

But change without visibility only leads to chaos. We saw the need for a SCMS with so much visibility, it might just change the world.

Sales compensation is broken

It only serves some of the people some of the time — and even then, it’s not for long.

Finance teams are drowning

A sea of commission disputes, outdated & manual processes, and spreadsheets that were never built to scale. Sales teams lack the data they need, the visibility they want, and the peace of mind they — and their families — deserve.

Rising frustration & disengagement

Employees are quitting in record numbers, holding companies accountable, and working for employers they feel they can trust.

Founders driven to find resolution

Because of our experience, we recognized the need to solve challenges that prevent organizations from effectively managing, tracking, and reporting measurable outcomes affiliated with their sales compensation plans, performance, and data.

SalesVista, the leader of a new era in commission management, is born.

Offering unprecedented transparency for sales & leadership, unrivaled accuracy for finance & accounting, and predictive modeling that helps make change easier for everyone.
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Our Values

The SalesVista Way

Our values are the cornerstone of our culture and shape everything we do in our behavior and interaction with our people, customers, partners, and community.

Key Members of Our Leadership

Bridging the Finance & Sales Gap

Bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the day-to-day operations. With a commitment to fostering a trusting and open culture, driving business results, and creating value for shareholders, employees, and customers.

"A successful sales organization embraces a data-driven, personalized approach to quota-setting and compensation plans. Recognize individual performance and market trends to create a motivated and thriving sales force."
jeb scarbrough
Jeb Scarbrough, COO