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Our all-in-one incentive & commission management platform offers software-driven rule design, rules-based automation, and predictive modeling & calculations.

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Introducing SalesVista Horizon

An innovative analytical tool that simplifies sales data, bringing together sales activity and compensation data into user-friendly dashboards for a holistic sales view. With dynamic data visualizations, it empowers informed, data-driven decisions.

By introducing AI alongside a powerful suite of features, SalesVista Horizon is designed to deliver substantial benefits to your organization.  Here’s what you can expect:

Through advanced data processing, SalesVista Horizon streamlines data management, enabling easy access and navigation of consolidated data for improved insights and decision-making.


SalesVista Horizon empowers non-technical users to effortlessly understand and monitor sales performance, facilitating informed decision-making across the organization.  Integrating AI and predictive analytics to show how performance will evolve over time.


With highly configurable views that cater to specific needs, SalesVista Horizon allows you to tailor the tool to your unique business requirements, enabling you to adapt the system to meet the specifics of your business.


SalesVista Horizon enables you to learn from past performance, make informed decisions, and plan future strategies based on valuable past trends, enhancing your overall business effectiveness.


Utilizing the SalesVista iHub, real-time data ensures you stay up to date with the latest information, allowing your organization to react promptly to changing market conditions and maintain a competitive edge.


You benefit by making decisions based on data, not guesswork, and can use actionable insights to continually improve your strategies and tactics for enhanced business performance.


Delivers the benefit of enhancing the performance of both teams and individuals, allowing you to identify strengths and areas for improvement, ultimately driving success within your organization.


Leverage the insights provided by SalesVista Horizon to drive revenue growth by strategically targeting opportunities for increased sales and profits within your organization.


With SalesVista Horizon, you can gain insights into various aspects of your business, including sales performance, geographical trends, product insights, and industry vertical analysis, providing a comprehensive solution that simplifies data complexities, empowers data-driven decisions, optimizes performance, and fuels revenue growth across your organization.


When we surveyed the nation’s top CFOs, we found that:


Manual Reports

66% say they very often and/or always use manual reports/spreadsheets


Complicated Process

37% of the finance workforce is frustrated by their existing sales compensation process


Forecasting Challenges

36% say it’s difficult to get accurate forecasts

Sales Compensation Software Features

Simplicity Meets Scalability

Unveil the power of SalesVista, your partner in streamlining sales commissions and incentive compensation while fueling growth and engagement.


Comp Plan Configuration

Whether your compensation plans are simple or complex, our tools prompt you to customize and manage them with effortless ease, with functionality that matches the demands of your growing business. Say goodbye to the manual errors that come with human-written formulas in spreadsheets, and embrace the power behind enterprise-scale formulas and calculations with the click of a button.


Software-Driven Rule Design

Manual rule-design and formula creation is error prone and creates risks for your company. Let intelligent software do the heavy lifting. Define, automate, and streamline your compensation rules to eliminate inaccuracies and inefficiencies, and save those relationships between your finance teams and your top performers in sales. 


Reconciliation Engine

Take the manual work out of the equation. Trust in our powerful reconciliation feature to catch discrepancies, ensure accuracy, and keep your sales data on point. We even give you historical reconciliation reports with the click of a button. 


Data Visualization

Make informed, strategic decisions with intuitive, visually striking representations of your sales data.


Simple, Yet Comprehensive All-in-One Features

We get it. Your compensation and incentives are as unique as your business, and you need the flexibility and control to customize payments on your terms. Explore the comprehensive feature set SalesVista offers below. 

With SalesVista, your CEO, CFO, and Board will thank YOU! Experience the future of sales compensation with our solution engineered to empower your growth and profitability.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation Management

Discover how you can transform your sales compensation efforts, boost company-wide engagement & inclusivity, and unleash the true potential of your sales team. Get started by grabbing our free ebook today. 

Out of the box connectivity with 200+ total integrations and 30+ CRMs/ERPs


Your All-In-One Sales Compensation Solution

Streamline your sales operations with our four interconnected modules, designed to centralize performance, simplify integration, enhance reporting, and empower mobility.


Centralize your entire performance components for easy compensation 
management and execution.

SalesVista iHub™

Integration Hub (iHub) delivers 
no-coding integration to streamline your processes, reduce cost, and effortlessly scale with efficiency.

SalesVista ARM™

Advanced Reporting Module (ARM) is state-of-the-art reporting that bridges critical performance visibility with actionable insights.

SalesVista Mobile™

Mobile transparency for commission tracking
improves motivation and productivity.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation Management
Discover how you can transform your sales compensation efforts, boost company-wide engagement & inclusivity, and unleash the true potential of your sales team. Get started by grabbing our free ebook today.
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SalesVista automates the calculation of sales commission which has helped minimize errors and save time during the calculation process. It is also very helpful to keep all discussion of commission adjustments within one place. It gives the reps transparency from their end as to how things are calculated and what they will be paid.
Star R.

Director of Accounting