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SalesVista for Finance & Accounting:

Reduce manual tracking and data collection when it comes time to process commission payouts. With efficient automated workflows, the SalesVista application helps finance and accounting improve control with better compliance-driven checkpoints.


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Benefits for Finance :

    • Reliable insights and reporting help improve decision-making.
    • Diminish risk and cost with increased visibility, automation, and control.
    • At-a-glance views with intuitive reporting dashboards.
    • Data accuracy builds confidence with department stakeholders and C-suite.

Benefits for Accounting:

    • Reduce the expense and risk of incorrect commission payouts.
    • Increase speed and efficiency by reducing duplication of work.
    • Improve audit trails and adhere to the ASC 606 guidelines. 
    • Reduce errors to improve the speed of month-end closing. 
    • Produce accurate compensation information the first time so that employees get paid correctly.

SalesVista for Sales Organizations:

Improve the effectiveness of your sales compensation managment with accurate quota attainment and reporting to help keep your reps and teams engaged and motivated to achieve performance goals.


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Benefits for Reps and Sales Operations:

    • Increase trust and motivation with accurate commission reporting and commission payouts.
    • Track performance status for quotas and commissions with convenient web and mobile app access.
    • Maintain audit trail of commission inquires and resolutions.
    • Mix, match, and compare various compensation modeling before committing to any metric and commission changes.
    • Centralization of data allows for streamlined adjustments and efficient
      notification of updates to stakeholders.


SalesVista for Everyone:

Automate your compensation plans and programs to efficiently manage,  measure, and report the performance outcomes with accurate and reliable data.

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Additional Business Benefits:

    • Maintain compliance across all stakeholders and business functions. 
    • Automate the collection, validation, and transformation of input data.
    • Reduce risk by ensuring the right person is authorizing compensation plan and commission changes.  
    • Deploy accurate data with unmatched flexibility for any individual end-user.

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