Do you know what an SCMS can do?

1 min read
August 1, 2021

Is your company still calculating commission expenses manually?

A sales compensation management solution (SCMS) automates commission calculations and provides real-time tracking data — saving your business time and money by increasing:

  • Accuracy. Automated calculations eliminate the risk of human error. Companies that automate this process save 3-5% on overall commission expense.
  • Efficiency. Automation saves employee and sales team time. Businesses that automate commission calculation and tracking typically experience a 1-2% uptick in sales revenue.
  • Control. A SCMS guarantees your business always has a consistent audit trail and tracks all compensation plan activity in one accessible and readily available system.

SalesVista’s SCMS takes sales compensation automation to a whole new level and gives you the data you need to align compensation with your business goals.

Did you take notes? There will be a quiz!

For all the right answers about SCMS functionality, contact our SalesVista team. And keep an eye out for our next quiz!

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