How does a cloud-based platform contribute to efficiency in 3PL commission management?

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October 11, 2022

3PL sales representatives are problem-solvers with the knowledge, expertise, and talent to communicate the magnitude of convenience your company can deliver. They can explain the ins and outs of every service you provide, all your customization options, and the technology that makes it all work.

The future of 3PL success is a skilled sales team and advanced management technology.

In the past decade, logistics operations have increased efficiency with the use of cloud connectivity and data sharing. Over the next decade, 3PL firms will continue to fuel growth with smart technology for managing a team of talented, knowledgeable sales representatives.

3PL sales compensation can be as complex as logistics operations, but the same cloud connectivity you use to manage the latter can enhance the efficiency of the former.

A cloud-based commission management platform offers benefits for:

  • Transparency. When sales reps know exactly how their comp plan works, and exactly what to expect from their commission payouts, they can plan their sales activity for better performance, productivity, and efficiency.
  • Efficiency. Automated calculating, data collection, analytics, and reporting streamline comp plan processes for improved efficiency.
  • Efficacy. Use the data you collect to quickly evaluate the efficacy of your compensation, commission, and incentive programs.
  • Flexibility. Adjust your commission plans on the fly to motivate your whole sales team, or personalize incentives to individual reps.

When a business experiences rapid growth, technology and innovation help bridge management and efficiency gaps. You use advanced technology for the benefit of your 3PL clients. Apply the same approach to commission management, and motivate your sales team for the industry growth ahead.

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