How Does SalesVista’s SCMS Enhance Your CRM System?

1 min read
March 23, 2022

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms allow your company to track customer interactions and collect, analyze, and report data for insight on gaining, engaging, and retaining customers. Other benefits include:

  • Data sharing among teams.
  • Automated data processing.
  • Custom reporting options.
  • Growth and scalability.

A sales compensation management solution (SCMS) is an advanced platform for calculating, evaluating, and adjusting comp plans to optimize sales team motivation and performance. It gathers, analyzes, and reports data for enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and control. Other benefits include:

  • Centralized, accessible data.
  • Accurate, relevant reporting.
  • Transparency for recruiting and retention.
  • Quality control and standardized processes.

SCMS and CRM platforms gather data to track, analyze, and streamline sales activity. When they work together, your company achieves a complete picture of your sales process — and unprecedented insight for improvement, scalability, and growth.

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