The Value of SalesVista’s Advanced Reporting Module™ (ARM) to Sales Executives

1 min read
February 15, 2022

Sales compensation plans are meant to motivate sales reps to improve their sales performance.

To make incentive comp plans effective, sales executives need real-time visibility and consistent data on their team’s commission payouts as they relate to their sales performance. But these two data sets are often managed in separate systems — requiring manual synchronization and hindering immediate access to the analytics necessary for quick assessment and adjustment.

SalesVista’s sales compensation management solution (SCMS) centralizes data in a single system and incorporates the SalesVista Advanced Reporting Module (ARM) to give sales executives the ability to select and run comprehensive compensation reports — when and where they need them — for stronger, more efficient business decisions.

A reliable commission reporting tool is essential to your sales team’s success.

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