How does SalesVista’s commission management platform help B2B business succeed?

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July 21, 2022

B2B sales boomed during the pandemic and are expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023. Understanding the dynamics of today’s B2B sales process, and employing sales strategies that work, is vital.

B2B sales trends for the year are focused on improving the customer experience. Strategies for meeting buyer expectations include:

  • Adopting guided selling tools. Used to support sales teams at specific sales touchpoints, guided selling tools use AI to learn from customer behavior, optimize their experience, and deliver recommendations to enhance sales team efficacy and success.
  • Expanding data reach. Unify external data with your operational and customer data for a more complete perspective. Connected data allows B2B operations to build progressive profiles for customer relationship management.
  • Connecting data to build relationships. Customers provide data every time they access your system. A customer portal that combines its data with customer relationship management (CRM) records helps sales teams build meaningful customer connections.
  • Connecting systems. Collect and analyze data from customer-facing operations to inform the customer experience. Provide visibility across business functions from inventory to delivery, customer retention, and commission payment.

Data transparency and accessibility improve every aspect of your B2B sales process from lead generation to sales team motivation. Keep your sales team motivated and informed with an accessible, transparent, and secure commission management solution.

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