How does commission clarity help your business recruit and retain sales talent?

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July 20, 2022

Sales is among the most in-demand areas for recruiters and business owners, and standing out to candidates is essential to finding the right people to fill your company’s open positions.

What will motivate candidates to choose your company over others? To attract new talent, consider whether your company meets expectations for:

  • Clarity. Candidates report frustration with a lack of transparency and clarity in job postings and interviews. Offer straightforward information about compensation, benefits, equity, and salary.
  • Growth opportunities. Employees leave companies that lack career development and advancement opportunities. Internal mobility and L&D options are critical qualities candidates use to compare and consider their job options.
  • DEI. 67% of job seekers consider diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies an essential deciding factor in their career choices. Empower recruiters and hiring managers to address questions or concerns from candidates.
  • Variable pay plans. These incentive plans motivate employees by awarding bonuses based on specific, predetermined performance metrics tied to company, team, and individual goals. Independent of base pay, variable pay programs keep employees interested in company performance and invested in its success.

Hiring and retaining sales talent is an ongoing challenge, and pay transparency is a key contributing factor.

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