The Rise of RevOps

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July 13, 2022

Does your business have a solid growth strategy? Are your goals aligned throughout your entire organization? What about systems and processes? What could you do with a team dedicated to aligning your company’s people, processes, systems, data, and goals to optimize revenue, drive growth, and identify new opportunities?

Welcome to the rise of RevOps.

What is RevOps?

Revenue operations (RevOps) is a dedicated business department focused on aligning company resources for optimal revenue. Revenue operations is tasked with bringing visibility and transparency to every part of revenue generation, aligning people, business, and activity data across organizational silos, and increasing operational efficiency with integrated systems and processes. A successful RevOps department works with other departments to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) related to revenue growth and empowers a company to streamline workflows toward specific revenue goals.

RevOps includes sales, marketing, and customer service operations. RevOps works with the sales team to generate new leads, increase customer acquisition rates, and streamline sales strategies. For marketing operations, RevOps provides data to clarify marketing campaign goals and collaborates with marketing teams to align marketing strategies with overall revenue targets. RevOps teams also help improve internal communication and data analysis and cooperate with customer-facing teams to design and implement effective customer relationship management (CRM) strategies.


RevOps vs. sales operations

How is RevOps different from traditional sales team structures? In the past, companies relied on sales operations teams to boost revenue. Sales operations is responsible for higher-level sales support tasks, such as tech management, territory mapping, and reporting. Sales ops drive sales later in the cycle — with the goal of improving sales performance via data analysis, enhanced communication and collaboration, and strategic sales planning — so sales representatives can focus their energy on selling. Sales operations teams use forecasting to develop sales strategies and work on recruiting, onboarding, and training sales personnel.

Revenue operations integrate sales, marketing, service, and customer success operations and break down silos between departments. This strategy aims to provide companies with a thorough understanding of the customer’s behavior at every point of the customer experience. Operational efficiency, with its strong ties to revenue growth, is a continuous focus for RevOps, as is bringing all customer-facing operations together. As an organization grows and develops new goals, revenue operations teams can deploy advanced technology, such as predictive analytics and AI, to discover more trends and opportunities for driving revenue.

Ready for RevOps?

Have you considered incorporating a RevOps team into your business strategy? Organizations with robust revenue operations departments realize several benefits, including:

  • Unified corporate goals. RevOps teams align strategies, processes, and systems across departments. They work to help a business function more efficiently by clarifying goals and assisting with communication and coherence across customer service, sales, and marketing operations.
  • Improved efficiency. RevOps operates outside of individual departmental silos, which allows these teams to improve and enhance internal communication, customer retention, and resource management.
  • Improved analytics. Revenue operations teams collect data for real-time analytics. With continuously updated information and precise metrics, companies can more accurately predict sales trends, lower churn rates, and streamline the sales cycle. RevOps is focused on every aspect of operations to improve internal decision-making end to end.
  • Increased revenue growth. The primary goal of a revenue operations team is increasing revenue in both the short and long terms. RevOps methodology helps identify upselling opportunities and develops clear strategies for introducing new products.

RevOps improves efficiency and revenue growth by breaking through data silos to enable accurate and accessible information when and where it’s needed.

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