The Solution to Sales Compensation Management

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May 25, 2023

Sales compensation is broken; it only serves some of the people some of the time — and even then, it’s not for long. 

Finance teams are drowning in a sea of commission disputes, outdated & manual processes, and spreadsheets that were never built to scale. Sales teams lack the data they need, the visibility they want, and the peace of mind they — and their families — deserve.

Everyone has grown frustrated, tired, and more disengaged by the day. Employees are quitting in record numbers, holding companies accountable, and working for employers they feel they can trust.

The world deserves change — but change without visibility only leads to chaos. 

That’s why we built a commission management platform that offers unprecedented transparency for sales & leadership, unrivaled accuracy for finance & accounting, and predictive modeling that helps make change easier for everyone. 

SalesVista is built for the people and by the people. It’s predicated upon true fairness, the idea that people are rewarded for the value of their contributions, and a fundamental belief that employees of all types deserve better. 

Our mission isn’t to sell you more things; it’s to shift the paradigm of sales compensation.

When people have a clear understanding of their goals & progress, they’re more engaged, productive, and fulfilled. They work harder, smarter, and better. They’re motivated to achieve greatness time and time again — and that’s all it takes to make the world a better place. 

We know the power it has because we see the impact you make on a daily basis. 

You’re using SalesVista for far more than sales commissioning or reporting. You’re solving incredibly complex strategic challenges. You’re piloting Digital Transformation efforts that have the potential to change the future. You’re amplifying DEI efforts, eliminating unconscious pay bias, and laying the framework for a better tomorrow. 

We see you, we thank you, and we are humbled to play even a small role in your journey.

Keep up the good fight, 


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