What Can SalesVista’s SCMS Do To Enhance Your Company’s ERP System?

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February 9, 2022

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems consolidate information from every department in an organization, so that information can be shared to coordinate information, services, and operations activity.

ERP benefits include:

  • Order integration for information accessibility across departments.
  • Customer data analysis to allow sales reps to understand and serve each client according to their specific needs.
  • Standardized, automated production and manufacturing processes for increased productivity and reduced labor costs.
  • Standardized HR allows employees to manage their personal employee information.

A sales compensation management solution (SCMS) is a comprehensive platform for handling sales team incentives, commissions, and compensation plans. An SCMS automates the calculation and administration of comp plans based on customizable rules to improve the efficiency and accuracy of sales, accounting, finance, and administration teams. Other benefits include:

  • Accuracy for data integrity.
  • Efficiency with all relevant information accessible across business functions.
  • Improved decision-making for consistent reliable insights, accurate compensation payouts, and tools to help teams stay focused, motivated, and current.
  • Risk mitigation with improved quality control measures to protect and standardize business processes.
  • Increased motivation and improved performance with comp plan data accessibility and transparency.

Integrating your ERP with an SCMS platform maximizes your company’s data accuracy, business efficiency, and financial control. A comprehensive SCMS expands your data picture with an entirely new level of shared information.

To learn more about the benefits of integrating your ERP system with SalesVista’s comprehensive SCMS, visit SalesVista.com today.

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