How Does Salesvista’s Commission Management Solution Help Companies Create People-centered Processes?

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November 14, 2022

With everything your sales reps are required to know and do, maintaining motivation means recognizing that your reps are human — especially when they’re producing like high-performance sales machines.

Even the best sales reps occasionally struggle with motivation. When your high-performing talent shows signs of lagging, it’s critical — for the rep and your company — to ensure the human element remains central to your sales and commission management strategies.

Implement these best practices for human-centered sales management:

  • Understand the challenges. Daily sales rep activity includes any combination of customer relationship management, prospect and lead development, and problem-solving on multiple levels.
  • Support sales activity. An activity-based commission plan compensates sales reps for every completed step in the sales process.
  • Practice empathy. Make a deliberate effort to humanize your sales management strategies. Every sales rep, prospect, and customer contact is a person with wants and needs that extend beyond work, and ultimately, people do business with people.
  • Encourage balance. Help your sales team create a healthy work-life balance by encouraging boundaries and incorporating downtime or extra vacation days into your recognition, rewards, and incentives program.
  • Modernize motivation. Develop a clear compensation strategy, and simplify the complexities of your commission payouts with a secure, accessible, and comprehensive cloud-based commission management platform.
Sales reps are people first, and the key to motivating people is a people-centered management strategy that includes empathy, balance, and support.

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