SalesVista Advanced Reporting Module (ARM™)

1 min read
February 8, 2022

Incentive compensation is one of the highest operating costs for any business, but how much visibility does the C-suite have into the efficacy of sales compensation incentives? Typically, the answer is, “Not much,” — until now.

Advanced reporting capability gives the C-suite unprecedented insight into the impact of their sales performance incentives. If you’re looking to vet, validate, and evaluate how well your company’s comp plans drive sales performance, SalesVista’s Advanced Reporting Module (ARM) is an essential part of your sales compensation management solution (SCMS).

The C-suite executes critical decisions based on data and reporting metrics. SalesVista’s ARM is built to give them confidence in the data — and their decisions. SalesVista’s ARM is the most reliable commission reporting tool available.

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