Can Your Sales Compensation Data Reports Do This?

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February 1, 2022

To make the most of your compensation data, you need a 360-degree view — including consistent access to multiple reporting options. A comprehensive sales compensation management solution (SCMS) gives you the reporting power you’ve always wanted and needed. View your most vital data your way.

What reporting capabilities does your company need to stay ahead of the competition?

More data reporting options

To achieve your company’s goals, you need the right data and the right mechanism for reporting it. Tracking performance data is essential for gaining a clear picture of a company’s financial health, but manual tracking is slow, inefficient, and subject to inaccuracies. An integrated SCMS is ideal for real-time access to the data your company needs — when and how you need it.

A comprehensive SCMS provides options for commonly used reports — including quota coverage, comp plans, sales transactions, attainment, sales aggregation, key metrics, key ratios, growth, stack rankings, business rules, audit, and period-end reporting — along with additional options for automatically running pre-built reports, modifying existing formats, or creating custom reports. All this functionality gives you the visibility necessary to make important decisions, act on them, and validate the impact of results.

Data transparency

Data transparency is integral to the success of your business, and this is especially true for compensation plans. Insight derived from accurate data helps companies make better decisions regarding growth, fine-tune their compensation plans, and reap the benefits of increased sales and improved employee performance. It allows managers to ensure pay equity, see what works best regarding incentives, and capitalize on what best drives performance. A well-defined, transparent compensation structure is necessary to create and maintain a culture of consistency and employee satisfaction.


Increased data control

One of the many benefits to a secure, centralized SCMS is the ability of stakeholders from every department to view the data they need from a single source. Authorized users can instantly access the data pertaining to their department and role. Your company can ensure effective governance with the proper use of business rules.

These rules are essential for your finance department, for instance, to control, access, and report on key metrics regarding your company’s financial health. When finance can draw data from sales, marketing, accounting, production, and more, they can provide a complete picture of your company’s measurable performance in a context that includes your budget and future growth strategy.  

Effective data reporting pushes productivity and improves performance. A SCMS that allows all parties to work from the same accurate, up-to-date information is your best tool for efficient, effective reporting for all stakeholders across every department. Get rid of data siloes, and get access to accurate information when and how you need it.

SalesVista’s SCMS has common and customizable reporting capabilities for comprehensive reports you can access instantly or export to your preferred format (e.g., PDF, Excel, CSV, and more). Schedule a free demo, and see what your data can do for you.

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